Combination Play to Finish

  • Pace and accuracy of the passes.

  • Good tempo to the drill.

  • For D, first touch is crucial – can you take a positive touch to give you a good angle for the shot?

  • Accuracy with the finish – always hit the target!

  • Where is the keeper standing? 

  1. 10×10 yard square with one player on B, C & D with the rest of the players in a line behind A. One goalkeeper in goal.

  2. A passes to B.

  3. B passes to C.

  4. C then plays a pass infront of D for D to run onto and take a shot at goal.

  5. Each player follows their pass, D joins the back of A after their shot.

  • 1-2 touch only.

  • First time finish from D.

  • Timing of the run.

  • Passing quality & technique – pace on the passes, type of passes.

  • Teamwork & communication to decide player making the run.

  • Finish in the area – what type of finish? Can you take it early so the keeper can’t set themself? Hit the target.

  1. Two identical set ups in a 30×20 yard area. Three players start in one half of the area with a goalkeeper in the other. Inbetween the two areas are mannequins or cones to represent the opposition defence.

  2. The three players pass and move in their half, lining up different combinations and patterns. 

  3. When the couch shouts “play” one of the three players makes a run past the mannequins and the other two release a pass into them for the player to take and finish.

  4. Player should try and time their run through the mannequins as if it is an offside line.

  • Players can make runs into the final themselves without the coaches call.

  • First time finish only.