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My personal child was matchmaking one over twice the lady get older

My personal child was matchmaking one over twice the lady get older

Mariella Frostrup says a father’s rage at his daughter’s relationship is actually clear – but is to do with his very own unresolved history

‘I am also shocked and furious to meet up this man’: a daddy was horrified at his daughter’s chosen companion. Picture: Alamy

‘Im as well surprised and resentful to meet up with this man’: a daddy are horrified at their daughter’s range of spouse. Picture: Alamy

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The challenge We have a 23-year-old child. The woman mommy and I also split when she was actually seven due to the lady mother’s infidelity. We nonetheless see my girl regularly and she is close to my spouse additionally the two additional kids we. My girl didn’t posses a “proper” sweetheart until she was a student in their later part of the teens. A week ago I was wise that their newer boyfriend is just a little avove the age of this lady. They transpires he’s 48! He comes with a wife as well as 2 little ones whom he is preparing to put become with my daughter. Im, in equivalent strategies, furious, horrified, embarrassed, ashamed and hopeless. This newer boyfriend is actually more than my wife, who’s 46. I am 55. My daughter wants me to meet this man, but I am as well shocked and upset that a guy of his get older in accordance with his duties could act this way. Just how do I need to handle this? Im as well embarrassed to talk to my buddies regarding it.

Mariella replies I believe the soreness. Though I don’t think you’ve got almost anything to become embarrassed about.