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Photo Courtesy of Shane Whitlow/Instagram. Shane got out-of prison before John, in which he and Lacey decrease significantly crazy.

Photo Courtesy of Shane Whitlow/Instagram. Shane got out-of prison before John, in which he and Lacey decrease significantly crazy.

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Lacey and Shane

Another partners just who defeat the chances in a far more shocking method were period 2’s Lacey and Shane Whitlow. The cam unit got awaiting this lady previous senior high school sweetheart John Slater to complete a prison period, given that two had been interested to get married. But Lacey cruised some online prison dating sites and discovered Shane’s image, falling hard for your.

The guy actually moved into this lady Virginia seashore, Virginia residence soon after his four-year jail sentence for a malicious wounding charge.

Shane recommended and Lacey approved, eventually stopping things with John. The two fastened the knot in a beachside service found regarding adore After Lockup, but Lacey finished up returning to John after finding out Shane was basically unfaithful to this lady.

John got back behind pubs, while Lacey and Shane repaired their marriage. They made a decision to bring an infant, despite the reality she currently is a mom to 3 youngsters from a previous relationships and had the woman pipes fastened. After an effective game of IVF, Lacey became expecting with a daughter they later known as summertime Rayne. Shane has actually happily satisfied into his role as a dad to site price their own daughter, combined with becoming a loving stepfather to Lacey’s different offspring.

Due to John Miller/Instagram

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Kristianna and John

Surprisingly, period 3’s John Miller and Kristianna Roth are still along after countless barriers. He decrease on her after only a few period of communication, while she supported amount of time in an Iowa prison for one of the lady many stints on medicine expenses. John practically suggested straight away upon the lady launch while nonetheless while watching facility. He partnered Kristianna in a Native American ceremony an hour later. He then must hurry attain Kristianna to the woman halfway home in Dubuque, Iowa, making sure that she wouldn’t break parole on her behalf first-day out.

Kristianna concerned about remaining thoroughly clean, as she realized man addicts have been coping with this lady during the halfway residence. She sooner bailed in the firmly run facility and got high on break, breaking the terms of the girl parole. She and John ultimately consummated her wedding during the girl time away from home, while he acquired their fugitive girlfriend in Dubuque and introduced the lady to his homes in Cresco, Iowa.

Their own Bonnie and Clyde romance must be put on hold, as Kristianna returned to prison for 11 period because her parole infraction.

In that opportunity, the girl ailing mother, Tammy, and struggling-to-stay-clean aunt, Terra, relocated in with John, because they got no place otherwise to go. Terra experimented with attracting John a couple of times, but John — who admitted he had been struggling to stay faithful to virtually any woman he’s ever started with — managed to ward off Terra’s progress.

As viewed on Life After Lockup, upon Kristanna’s release from prison, Terra got compelled to transfer of John’s house because of a superb guarantee … in addition to proven fact that she attempted to entice their sister’s husband while she ended up being away behind bars! John and Kristianna managed to ultimately begin their unique lives as a married partners and are also still collectively. They’re even creating Cameo films as two for your show’s enthusiasts!

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