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hey there men encouraged straight back to our Route that which was that? 14 days in the past we made a online video where Joss was speaking about the problems that are included with dating a German with dating him, especially nicely.. well today we’re gonna… have you been okay? We have allergic reactions guy! nowadays we’re gonna turn it about and I’m going to explain to you every one of the issues that include dating a Mexican far more precisely, this specific one in this article I’m so fearful of this online video! I’m going to get offended in a major way however i know you like I and me know you secretly enjoy all of the reasons for me you imagine so? I’m pretty sure each and every them… how dare you guy simply because like I said before: Before we start I want to mention one important thing I love you guys, i have a lot to say…. I love Mexicans. I really like this especially Mexico is definitely a diverse nation and are therefore individuals.. sure that’s very real we are available in each and every personality, color, shape and form therefore we don’t desire to generalize anything.. we’re not declaring which every Mexican does those ideas! when we say “problems”, these things are not bad we mean that it was problematic for me as a foreigner because it was something new and I had to get used to it and not because I’m a weirdo just like in the last video I’m gonna start with the most obvious problem you have to learn Spanish and even if your partner knows English, like she does the parents probably don’t. that’s true there’s a lot of people in Mexico that speak English or at least they know the basics but they’re so scared of speaking because of their accent or something this problem gets even bigger when you think about how big families are in Mexico and that’s the next problem you’re gonna meet a lot of spanish singles people whenever you meet your boyfriend or girlfriend in Mexico and it’s Christmas, New Year, Independence Day, a wedding a wedding… there are like weddings every month yes thats’ true! be prepared to meet up with around 100 or 200 people a day which can be part of the household which are only portion of the family! not even friends I don’t know if it’s the same for you guys but in my family, my grandparents from my mom’s side had 11 children the first time that I went to Mexico it was for Christmas I had to meet literally everybody from her family I probably know four names of her entire family don’t get overwhelmed guys… just say hi and act like you know everybody with the next point we’re gonna arrive at a very important part of Mexico: the food you will gain weight and that is caused by a couple of things: first of all Mexican mums love to make you eat and they give you a lot of food and even when you’re done they ask you are you still hungry? have this! plus added to that it’s tough to say no due to the fact Mexican food is super delightful Oh my our god I miss it a lot… please send me Enchiladas Potosinas please! for me personally also make sure you one other reason why you’re gonna get extra fat as a result of food is simply because it’s inexpensive compared to Germany true! lets go to the next point now, in the last video just mentioned that Germans are usually on time and that was a problem for her because she wasn’t used to that. yeah for me it’s the other way around because she tends to be late all the time… but you too sometimes.. I’m really also delayed I’m like Mexican.. you’re one half Mexican that’s really a stereotype that we loathe I loathe when people let me know: you’re about to be past due due to the fact you’re Mexican but I’m later at all times! even though I attempt my very best… that’s one thing I’ve struggled with permanently the next position i were required to get used to a great deal: you might get scared when traveling I don’t desire to push in Mexico and even as soon as your companion, in this case she, is driving Mexico you, think that: exactly where are the rules? where by are definitely the collections on a lawn that tell you where lane you will need to go along with the holes guy oh yeah my god there is certainly a single road I need to take every time I go to my home it provides a lot of openings.. I discovered them my heart I’m like… when you get with an intersection there is not really a principle which says that can go initial Yes! – there are no signs you always tell me, normally the one from the biggest street can go initially but for whatever reason all of the Mexicans know where to drive it’s sound judgment bro! it had been the most awful in Mexico Town there was a single super hectic road so we had been from a tiny road and all of the individuals from your little street had been just heading similar to this about all the other automobiles in Mexico Town I saw my entire life go through my brain for true like six periods and the drivers in the ubers had been like: yeah wassup bro! how’s the weather these days? speaking with us eventually is really fairly outstanding since Mexicans really understand how to travel in insane scenarios! ok the next stage is actually a hilarious 1 but also a regrettable one particular.. often for squares of bathroom document will be all that you’ll get where do you encounter that? significantly! we had been in a industry in Mexico City and I wished for to attend the bathroom and also this gentleman in-front practically provided a number of squares of bathroom document on this page, do your thing! and that i was like: If that’s enough you knew it wasn’t enough, i don’t know! – No and i also told him: can one have a different one? I didn’t know this is an issue to suit your needs I mean in Germany you will find lavatory document right next to the bathroom.. yeah in Mexico way too! yeah alright that doesn’t happen frequently.. I have got to state this took place like twice to me… haha he’s overreacting! When I was in primary school there was a woman giving the paper oh yeah you told me that before – in the toilet she would ask you: primary or number 2? and if you say one she gives you one square and if you say two she would give you two or three great on the other side that’s a good thing because it’s environment-friendly you’re not using more than you need so good for you guys now we get into the real stuff oh no on to the real st- .. But no, i don’t want real stuff this problem comes up even before you start dating Mexicans are very touchy for us foreigners that might be a problem because we might think “oh my god she is flirting with me or he is flirting with me”! this is merely how they are they’re like this… so don’t obtain your hopes up… They’re obviously girls that are not jealous at all what I’ve experienced with her in the beginning and with your friends when they talk about stuff they can get furious OMG my friends are gonna hate you next time we go to Mexico they are very like “this guy is mine, -OMG it’s crazy I’m so unaware of my body when I’m talking to someone when I first moved to Germany I met a girl at university and we were friends but we were just starting to be friends and one time we were waiting for a bus and I was like “I’m so tired” and I did this to lay on her shoulder and she moved her shoulder very very slowly and my head fell of course guys I’m not saying that every Mexican is touchy let us know in the comments what do you think the next problem is one that mostly foreigner guys might experience because Mexican girls can be very competitive or in other words kind of jealous I’m not saying that every Mexican girl is jealous! and I’m not allowing him venture out! ” which is a bit a lot of folks but… do i need to point out to you of yesterday? Which is a little bit sad because it was fun to watch dude character development I’m totally like.., when we were walking on the street in Germany a guy stared at me and you literally stared back at him like this for five minutes until he stopped staring at me but you’re totally right in that regard when I started dating you I noticed that my perception of love was completely twisted because of what I was surrounded by but now she changed completely she’s super not jealous anymore. -alright you will be like.. so when I started dating you I found myself like “incredible a new w0rld! ” I actually have a idea even though and I know this is certainly gonna make me sound ridiculous but notice me out I feel like a lot of this considering is shaped by telenovelas. Don’t come to me! do you have observed a Mexican telenovela? -no -the ladies are extremely spectacular and they’re so jealous and they’re so like “he’s mine she’s in no way gonna take him away from me! ” why is this lady looking at you? this mindless $·Per cent·” footnote: It has a good side and a bad side Mexicans really show you how much they love you, they’re very affectionate she tells me she loves me like 20 times a day -and Janik it’s like “same” when you’re fighting the emotions come out without a filter and the these emotions are not pretty okay in my defense.., guys can also be very jealous so it’s not only girls just saying don’t come for us the next point is something that I had to get used to and I still have to get used to because it’s still the same it will never change Mexicans show their emotions very very strongly. If you date a Mexican I feel like there’s a very high chance you have never experienced anything like that before, this amount of love so it really changes your perspective also about love I think your perspective completely changed yeah the loving side it’s bigger than anything else -yes, yes baby yes, i have nothing to defend but I have to say I love this about Mexicans as a foreigner! see that’s what I mean.. now we get to a very interesting point and I call it “the gentleman dilemma” the thing is that in Mexico a lot of guys do very “gentlemany” things for example they buy flowers, they pick them up at their house, they open the doors and all that stuff so when a Mexican girl is dating a German she’s kind of expecting the same because she doesn’t know that he’s different so then German guys have to step up their game times a thousand ha ha ha ha to make her feel loved, because in her mind this is how love looks like and then I come along, the total opposite it’s basically just a cultural difference and you just have to meet in the middle I would say yes, now if you’re a girl from another country and you’re dating a Mexican guy then it might be super cool for you because he is just picking you up, he brings you roses and you’re like “what is this? ” in the end of the day it helped both of us because now I’m more romantic and I’m more cold-hearted ha ha ha ha that is also a plus -no, I lowered my expectations with you no, big time though.. expectations are the mother of resentment and disappointment now we get to the last point of this video and that’s a very difficult one it has roots in the old traditions of Mexicans or Europeans or religion even as a foreigner you cannot expect sleepovers and that’s a thing that I had to deal with a lot in the beginning like it was super difficult for me to understand why am I not able to stay in the same room as my girlfriend? in Germany people can remain in the girlfriend’s house or ladies can tell the boyfriend’s property even though they’re below 18, most likely 16 they can stay in the friends of boyfriend’s home sinners! and in Mexico they believe the worst of individuals, they are doing some quite bad things which they are unable to do somewhere else one of the more persistent emails I have from couples is women which can be anxiously wondering me how do you make Janik recognize that he are unable to stay? or how could i make my mothers and fathers understand? it’s so difficult. -it’s difficult for us way too -indeed both sides since at the start you couldn’t understand it you were like “I don’t buy it” I used to be 22 or 23 years old whenever we started off dating and so i was like “I’m so outdated and so i are unable to be in exactly the same room as her” and my sibling is even more aged and her man couldn’t keep there I’m an adult. -I don’t get it either but it’s just how life works in Mexico.. we don’t want to get deep into it but if you have a girlfriend from Mexico and you’re having these issues just believe her when she says “this is how it works” -you might not be able to understand why but you just have to accept it I accept it, I respect it whenever I’m in Mexico -or if you like it then you should put a ring on it everything changes it is crazy! Once a ring is on that finger you’re free to go And also this might be more a problem of smaller cities like SLP where everything is like a double moral SLP is not that small. once. If it works differently there let us know in the comments -yeah guys we’re super curious to see what you have to say about this and how does it work wherever you’re from these were the things that I had to get used to in the beginning of us dating obviously love is stronger than all of these problems together and there are so many more good things that come when you date a Mexican or a German oh yeah and that list is way longer so if you want to see a video about that please let us know in the comments down below and if you’re just starting a relationship with a Mexican or with a German hang in there talk about things, communicate, meet in the middle so we hope you liked this video if you liked it give us a thumbs up, subscribe to our channel if you’re not already and we’ll see you next week Adios muchachos Tschuss, – But compared to Mexico City I don’t know!

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